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1. In-Line Flow Products Ltd. (“In-Line”) warrants its products against defects in material and workmanship for a period of one calendar year after date of shipment when the products are properly installed, operated and maintained within the limits for which they were designed, manufactured and in accordance with In-Line’s written instructions. No warranty applies after this period. By entering into a transaction with In-Line, the Buyer or Owner accepts to be bound by the terms and conditions contained herein. 2. This warranty does not suggest nor imply suitability for any particular application, nor expected life span of the product regardless if the purpose or use has been disclosed to In-Line through specifications, drawings or otherwise. Selection of materials of construction, including seals and gaskets, product configuration and rating is the sole responsibility of the product Buyer or Owner. 3. It is expressly understood that any technical information, recommendations or advice furnished by In-Line with respect to the materials, design, installation, use of products, engineering and other matters are given without charge or consideration. Although they are believed to be accurate, based on In-Line’s knowledge and experience, In-Line assumes no obligation or liability for the information, suggestions or advice given, including errors or omissions, or results obtained in their use or application and all such communications being given and accepted at the Buyer’s or Owner’s risk. Furnished technical information, recommendations or advice does not establish any warranty, express or implied. 4. This warranty shall not cover, and In-Line shall not be responsible for, costs incurred with respect to the removal of defective products or the installation of replacement products, including, but not limited to, labor, freight, production and profit losses as well as any proximate, incidental, consequential or other damages, injuries or losses arising out of any breach of this warranty. All obligations and liabilities are limited to the cost of repair, up to the acquisition cost of the product, at In-Line’s option. In-Line shall have the right to inspect any product returned to it or for which a claim is being made under this warranty. 5. Product orders accepted by In-Line cannot be changed or canceled unless agreed in advance by In-Line with full reimbursement of costs incurred to date. This shall include changes or cancellation of products ordered to special Owner specifications, non-standard or special construction or for quantities that exceed normal production runs or inventory levels. 6. All products sales are made EXW In-Line manufacturing facility. Title to any product shall pass to the Buyer or Owner only after In-Line has received full payment. 7. No product may be returned and credited without prior written approval from In-Line. Products returned for credit shall be received in the same condition as originally shipped. Restocking, reconditioning expenses and freight charges shall be deducted from the credit as required. Product ordered to special Owner specifications, non-standard or special construction or for quantities that exceed normal production runs or inventory levels are not subject to return and no credit shall be issued. 8. This warranty does not extend to any product which has been altered from its manufactured condition, such as, but not limited to, intentional or unauthorized modification, accident, corrosion, misuse, vandalism, use of third-party parts and workmanship, failure to provide necessary and reasonable maintenance, damage due to improper storage, handling, installation or operation, use beyond rated capacity, normal wear or any other cause not the fault of In-Line. 9. Operation by way of impact (hammering, etc.) constitutes misuse and immediately voids the product warranty. The determination of fitness for service after impact operation, or after any other physical damage is incurred after receiving the product or while in service, is that of the product Owner. If it is determined that the product is no longer fit for service and the Owner elects to replace the product, the product, in its entirety, shall be replaced at the Owner’s expense. In-Line will not supply individual components to replace those damaged as described herein. 10. In-Line drawings and technical data, whether hardcopy or electronic, furnished to the Buyer or Owner are the exclusive property of In-Line. Possession of In-Line drawings and technical data does not convey any rights to the Buyer or Owner, including but not limited to reproduction or disclosure to third parties by any means without written permission of In-Line, and shall be returned to In-Line immediately upon request. 11. In-Line reserves the right, without prior notice, to change, alter or discontinue design and construction of any product and has no obligation or liability to extend such changes, alterations or discontinuance to products previously or subsequently sold. 12. This is the sole and exclusive warranty given by In-Line with respect to the products offered and is in lieu of and excludes all other warranties, express or implied.
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